Right at Home has successfully brought our personal model of home care to four continents. The success of that model, coupled with an unrivaled culture, has encouraged Right at Home’s growth across all of our current markets, creating successful business owners and more independent elderly and disabled adult communities.

Explore how Right at Home franchisees across the world describe their decision to partner with Right at Home to bring home care to their communities:

Photo of Tim

“The care sector held a particular appeal because I’d always had a strong internal drive to help people and there is an obvious and huge potential to grow a successful home care business in the UK right now.  I’ve also no doubt that Right at Home is going to be the UK’s leading home care [...]

Tim Haigh, Right at Home UK

Sutton and Epsom

Photo of Joseph Guishard

“The home care sector was something I felt very passionate about, with a strong desire to deliver quality services. Right at Home matched my aims and aspirations and seemed a highly ethical company, which is why I wanted to become a part of it.  The franchisee training we received exceeded my expectations – it really [...]

Joe Guishard, Right at Home UK

Cardiff and Newport

Photo of Laura Greenway-Balnar

“We get great support through the head office. From the formal training to our casual questions, which are always answered, the Right at Home head office staff is always happy to help and work with us to get us what we need. In addition, the feeling of the system is that of a larger team or family. Head office [...]

Laura Greenway-Balnar, Right at Home Canada

Guelph and Wellington County

Photo of Andrew Davis

“I chose franchising because the notion of being ‘the master of my own destiny’ is really very important to me. Secondly, I wanted to have that relationship and guidance –a road map to success if you like.  I did lots of research, speaking to several franchisors in the sector and plenty of franchisees as well. [...]

Andrew Davis, Right at Home UK


Photo of Tim Hunt at a speaking engagement

“After researching many of the Home Care opportunities in the industry I found that Right at Home Canada offered the most complete and comprehensive program in the market. I personally like their creative and innovative approach. They are constantly looking for new ideas, new concepts and adapting to the always evolving market place. They listen to the Franchisees and the culture [...]

Tim Hunt, Right at Home Canada


Photo of Nancy Esson

“We were attracted to the industry because of a need we saw in our community. There is a large and growing senior population, many of whom need help. It makes us feel great to know that we are needed and appreciated.”[...]

Nancy Esson, Right at Home Canada

Georgian Triangle

Photo of John Houghton

“With the Right at Home systems and policies in place, the office operations run themselves.  This leaves time to ensure we are delivering quality at all times and to look for new business opportunities and growth.  The importance of quality and the difference it can make to a person’s life is far more important than [...]

John Houghton, Right at Home UK