map of vietnam

By the year 2050, 21% of Vietnam’s population will be 65 and over. With a 15% boost in the ageing population as it is today, Vietnam will need care options to support its elderly. Vietnam is currently working toward improved elder programs with the National Act on Aging Plan set to be finalized in the year 2020. Right at Home can aid in the support of the elderly in Vietnam by providing quality home care services by trained caregivers. With the implementation of Right at Home, the Vietnamese will be able to provide the ageing population with the care they need most.

Country Demographics

Total Population 90,179,000
GDP per Capita $1,911USD
% GDP on Healthcare 6.6
Hospital Beds per 1000 People 2.2

65+ Population by Year

  • 2013

    5.06 Million
    6% of Population

  • 2025

    9.12 Million
    9% of Population

  • 2050

    22.97 Million
    21% of Population