map of south-korea

The need for home care services in South Korea is approaching at an incredible pace. South Korea is one of the fastest aging nations on the planet, with an estimated 36% of the population being 65 and over by 2050. With an aging population of this size, it will be vital to have caregivers on hand to lessen the burden felt by families. South Korea has a national health care insurance program and additionally allows citizens elective coverage for long-term care insurance, giving beneficiaries the necessary options to live in their homes longer and avoid the unnecessary move to a nursing home.

Country Demographics

Total Population 50,339,000
GDP per Capita $25,977 USD
% GDP on Healthcare 7.5
% of 65+ Receiving Long Term Care 6.4
Hospital Beds per 1000 People 10.3

65+ Population by Year

  • 2013

    5.79 Million
    12% of Population

  • 2025

    9.71 Million
    20% of Population

  • 2050

    15.58 Million
    36% of Population