map of greece

Home care services initially surfaced in Greece as a result of volunteer organizations.  Since that time, the industry has developed and there are many organised agencies, both public and private, successfully providing home care services to the Greek population.  While the home care industry in Greece has progressed, there is no long-term care insurance in Greece. Financial assistance is mainly in the form of discretionary tax rebates to family carers, while some family carers use supplementary pensions for incapacity or dependency to help towards the costs of caring.

Country Demographics

Total Population 11.28 Million
GDP per Capita $22,082 USD
% GDP on Healthcare 10.83
Hospital Beds per 1000 People 4.8

65+ Population by Year

  • 2013

    2.14 Million
    20% of Population

  • 2025

    2.47 Million
    23% of Population

  • 2050

    3.22 Million
    32% of Population