map of columbia

Within the next 35 years, Colombia’s elderly population aged 65+ is expected to expand from 2.9 million to 10.7 million people.  Currently, Colombia has very limited social welfare and healthcare infrastructures to ensure that this swiftly growing population will be able to remain independent in the coming years.  Home care services, such as those offered by Right at Home, have the opportunity to provide ageing Colombians, and their families, with a structured continuum of care, allowing elderly loved ones private companion care and, as their needs evolve, personal care within the familiar surroundings and comfort of their own homes.

Country Demographics

Total Population 41,086,927
GDP per Capita $11,452
% GDP on Healthcare 6.11
Hospital Beds per 1000 People 1

65+ Population by Year

  • 2013

    2.9 Million
    6.3% of Population

  • 2025

    5.3 Million
    10.3% of Population

  • 2050

    10.7 Million
    19.1% of Population