map of austria

The possibilities for Right at Home services in Austria continue to expand.  In 2013, 19% of Austria’s 8.5 Million inhabitants were over the age of 65; that percentage is expected to grow to 30% by 2050.   The current Long Term Care system in Austria works to enable adults in needing care to lead independent lifestyles while giving them the opportunity to choose among different settings of care.

Like adults across the globe, those requiring care prefer to stay in their own homes, receiving informal care from relatives; consequently, roughly 80% of people in need of care receive this type of informal care, making the need for family caregiver respite services, such as those provided by Right at Home, particularly important in Austria. The ageing of its society, coupled with family focused social assistance laws in most provinces, contribute to Austria’s continued need for quality, full-continuum home care service providers like Right at Home.

Country Demographics

Total Population 8.46 Million
GDP per Capita $47,226 USD
% GDP on Healthcare 11.0
% of 65+ Receiving Long Term Care 23.9
Hospital Beds per 1000 People 7.7

65+ Population by Year

  • 2013

    1.52 Million
    19% of Population

  • 2025

    1.88 Million
    23% of Population

  • 2050

    2.27 Million
    30% of Population