Omaha Business Gets President’s Highest Honor


WASHINGTON, D.C. – A business that got its start in Omaha, Nebraska 20 years ago now has the President’s highest honor.

“To be recognized for the efforts that our caregivers and our franchisees make everyday is very flattering,” said Blake Martin, Vice President of International Operations at Right at Home International.  Robert Shaw and Blake Martin are a part of ‘Right at Home International’, a in-home care giving services company that has grown into a world wide business, in eight different countries and five continents.
“The aging demographic in the developing world is ubiquitous and it’s happening in just about every developing country in the world and the needs of these aging societies are growing and we’re obviously looking to be a part of the solution for those aging demographics,” said Robert Shaw, Executive Advisor of International Business for Right at Home International.
In 1961, President Kennedy signed an executive order reviving the World War II ‘E’ symbol of excellence to honor and provide reocginition to America’s exporters. Today, the President’s ‘E’ Award is the highest recognition any U.S. organization can receive for making a significant contribution to the expansion of U.S. exports. 45 American companies from 20 states were honored and Right at Home was the only one from Nebraska.”
“We would absolutely not have grown in the way that we have grown over the last five years if it weren’t for what we learned from our international exporting,” said Martin.  Then they received an award from U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker.
“You made significant contributions to US exports which are critical to America’s dynamism and leadership,” said Pritzker.
These two men hope to keep that strength growing overseas while keeping their roots ‘right at home’.
“Omaha is a great place to run a business and grow a business and we’re just proud to represent Omaha and Nebraska here today,” added Martin.  The ‘E’ award aligns with President Obama’s National Export Initiative, a strategy his administration says will continue supporting millions of U.S. jobs by helping more American companies reach more overseas markets.


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