Doctor wearing scrubs

Bell’s Palsy vs. a Stroke

Bell’s palsy is a temporary paralysis of the face caused by inflammation, compression or trauma to the facial nerve. Typically, the disorder only affects one side of the face, and the resulting physical distortion occurs suddenly and peaks within [ … ] Read More

An elderly couple doing a puzzle together

Elderly Caring for Other Elderly

As the demand for elder care services increases across the world, more and more families are finding a supportive lifeline in elderly caregivers—who are sometimes nearly the same age as their clients. Direct elder care providers are on the [ … ] Read More

Logo of World Diabetes Day

Diabetes Awareness

Every year around the world, 1.5 million deaths are directly attributed to diabetes, the chronic disease of elevated levels of blood glucose (blood sugar). Type 1 diabetes occurs when the pancreas does not to produce enough insulin hormone. Type [ … ] Read More

Grandmother and Granddaughter holding hands on the couch

Caregivers Need Care Too

Family caregivers or carers understand the rewards and tough sacrifices of helping an elderly loved one with daily routines. But efforts to comfort and support an elder can put a caregiver at an elevated risk of high blood pressure, [ … ] Read More